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YouTuber Emma Chamberlain adds to coffee empire with ready-to-drink line
  • Oct 09, 2023
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Many people can’t start their day without a hot cup o’ Joe, or since it’s June now, perhaps a tall cold brew. Coffee drinkers also have refined tastes and like a brand they can relate to.

Enter Chamberlain Coffee, a company started in 2019 by YouTuber Emma Chamberlain, who has over 12 million subscribers and creates videos about her life and travels. Chamberlain sells high-quality organic coffee roasted in California and that is sustainably sourced via Food4Farmers, supporting coffee-farming communities in Latin America.

It is among a number of startups trying to bring something different to coffee consumers. For example, Fellow and Blank Street are putting their spin on it, as are lots of celebrity coffee brands.


Today, Chamberlain Coffee announced $7 million in additional funding and an expanded national retail presence in Sprouts and Walmart. This follows the launch last month of its ready-to-drink line of cold brew lattes.

Company CEO Christopher Gallant explained that Emma Chamberlain has been a coffee lover for a long time, and her videos often show her drinking it and talking about it. Wanting to create her own brand, she found a roaster and released a single-serve coffee.

“It took off like crazy, so she brought in folks that had worked in the beverage and branding spaces to help build it from that single-serve product into a full suite of products that was relaunched in 2020,” Gallant told TechCrunch.

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