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Bikky and MOD Pizza Announce Tasty Partnership
  • Apr 22, 2024
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MOD Pizza is enhancing its ability to understand its consumers through an engagement with Bikky, a customer data platform built exclusively for multi-unit restaurants.

Bikky provides MOD with summary metrics that include new repeat customer counts across its more than 530 locations. It also provides insights into ordering channels, dayparts, and menu items. MOD can now easily measure the impact of loyalty campaigns and system-wide promotions to determine conversion rate, revenue, and customer frequency.

MOD reports that its visibility of customers has increased eight-fold since it began integrating Bikky tools.

“Bikky is enabling a new avenue for insight into what we can be doing to better serve our loyal, regular and first-time customers,” said Ben Sadler, director of CRM and Loyalty of MOD.

As Sadler knows, data is as important as pepperoni in thriving in today’s pizza landscape. To analyze it well can pay big dividends. The National Restaurant Association forecasts restaurant industry sales to hit $1.1 trillion in sales in 2024, the first time ever surpassing the $1 trillion mark and a 10 percent increase from 2023’s forecast. Subsequently, more data is coming into the industry than ever before. That screams opportunity to savvy operators.

“Every restaurant brand succeeding in today’s digital-first world understands that an investment in their technology is the same as an investment in their customers,” says Abhinav Kapur, co-founder and CEO of Bikky. “We are thrilled to be the analytics and data partner of choice for MOD Pizza, a pioneer in the fast-casual, pizza, and technology landscapes.”

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