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Spilling the Tea: Meet Two Brothers Giving New York City Authentic Indian Chai
  • Nov 24, 2023
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Fortunately, living in our country, this isn’t an issue. India boasts a plethora of different, delectable chais, each with its own unique blend of ingredients. It’s simply chai — whether infused with ginger (adrak chai), spiced (masala chai), or fragrant with cardamom (elaichi chai), countless more, but never chai chai.

This peculiar phenomenon of “chai tea” predominantly exists beyond India’s borders, especially in the bustling streets of New York City. Ani Sanyal took it upon himself to change this; to bridge the gap and deliver authentic South Asian beverages and street food to the heart of NYC. In an interview, he pointed out, “Despite hundreds and millions of people consuming it every day for its wellness benefits, caffeine content, and flavour profile, the chai that you get in America is terrible. We have created a chai mix and an ecosystem of products that allow people to make the best cup of chai at home.”

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